My aim in working with you is to create a shared understanding of your life story and from this an understanding of where your difficulties may have begun. I am trained in several different models of thinking and working. These include cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) and acceptance and commitment Therapy (ACT). During my time in the USA, I was introduced to Bowen Family Systems Theory which altered my thinking about human relationships significantly. It offers a new way of understanding that psychological symptoms do not originate in the individual but derive from interactions in the emotional system in which the individual is embedded. Thus, understanding the ways a system is operating, will help the individual over time to step out of automatic responses and reactivity towards more differentiation of self.
The goal is to stay in contact with family and at the same time to be yourself.

My aim is to help couples to improve the quality of their relationships. This can include to get out of vicious cycles and stuckness in order to avoid the high emotional and financial costs of a separation. I also offer mediation for separating couples to support parting with dignity and consideration for each other and the optimal outcome for the children.
Some topics which I can help couples to resolve through therapy are:

  • frequent conflicts and blaming
  • an affair, sexual problems or lack of closeness
  • fear of separating and feelings of dependency
  • feelings of powerlessness and despair
  • lack of mutual respect or trust
  • emotional distance, withdrawal and alienation
  • changes due to the birth of a child
  • conflicts in parenting

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